Things are SHAPEing up!

SHAPES stands for Sharing and Helping Academics Prepare for Educational Success, the program is a one of a kind design, fabrication and sharing service provided to instructors at participating universities and university libraries. The focus of the SHAPES program is to connect instructors with library provided 3D model designers to create 3D objects that can be used in the classroom to improve instruction.

One of the biggest barriers to the use of 3D models is the design and fabrication. Utilizing library provided designers the library can bridge the gap and allow instructors to create models like never before. In addition to custom designed models, all models are entered into the database below and are fully accessible through existing Interlibrary Loan systems. This allows the models to be used at any participating library.

Methyl Group Model
3D model of a Methyl Group molecule

Adenosine Triphosphate
Adenosine Triphosphate

Amino Acid
assembly includes acid group, alpha carbon, amino group

Cup (artifact)
3D model of a ceramic cup unearthed at an archaeological dig in Latin America

Amino Group
solo amino group

The Research Process
Segmented pencil displaying the elements of research design methods

Ethylene Bonding Orbital (Homo)
Assembly of an ethylene bonding orbital

Nitrogen Atom
Interactive model of a nitrogen atom with an electron cloud

Model of a Vase from an Archaeological dig

Fructose Model
3D model of a Fructose Molecule

Higher Education Tower - Public Budget
Stackable tower with descriptive pieces

Higher Education Tower - Non-Profit
Stackable tower with descriptions on parts

Hydrogen Atom
Interactive model of a hydrogen atom with an electron cloud

Tikal Temple
3D model of a Tikal Temple that was left behind from the ancient Mayan Civilization

Ethylene Bonding Orbital (Lumo)
Assembly of an ethylene bonding orbital

Guillotine from the French Revolution

Adenosine Diphosphate
Adenosine Diphosphate

Acid Group
Solo acid group

Situational Leadership
Interactive graph of leadership qualities

Oxygen Model
Interactive model of Oxygen (O2) with electron cloud

Carbon Atom
Interactive model of a carbon atom with electron cloud

Saturated Fatty Acid Model
Model of the chemical compound of a saturated fatty acid

Helium Atom
Interactive model of a helium atom with electron cloud

Managerial Model
A visual representation of management styles with a brief description

Human Vocal Tract with tongue, teeth and soft palate
Vocal Pedagogy Model; Articulatory landmarks in the human skull; with movable soft palate

Higher Education Tower - Private for Profit
Stackable tower with representative sections

Amino Group
solo amino group

Polyunsaturated fatty acid
3D model of a polyunsaturated fatty acid

Mask (Artifact)
3D model of an ancient artifact (mask) that was unearthed in Latin America

Glycerol Model
3D model of a Glycerol molecule

Phosphocreatine Model
3D model a phosphocreatine molecule

Glycogen Model
3D model of a Glycogen molecule